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Hmm, I don’t know why forgot to post this, I just wasn’t caring that much about my blog recently 😉

I’ve been at the libre software meeting – for the french speaking people “réunion mondiale du logiciel libre” – in Geneva this year. I initially planned to only speak a little about illumos, then later also joined a second talk in when Walid Nouh (@wawax) asked me whether I’d be sharing some real-life experience with GLPI and FusionInventory, which I am using at my work since roughly 2008 or so. These talks have both targeted french-speaking people, and both have been recorded!

Check them out, I know this blog entry is a bit missing love, but nonetheless 🙂


The illumos userland:

Additionally I’ve been happy to see – and afterwrds talk with – Max Bruning! (Joyent, member of the KVM porting to illumos)

FusionInventory (and GLPI

Walid has uploaded the slides:

September 8, 2012

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