On Jumbo frames: Short note about iSCSI

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve had to deploy a new iSCSI target at work, this time it was a QNAP box that will serve as secondary backup target for some Backup Exec. As you have hopefully read elsewhere if using iSCSI, be it over 1GE or 10GE: Use Jumbo or Giant frames … more

Short note: Time providers in virtual environments

Correct time in VMs is unfortunately has and will continue to be somewhat of an issue – some virtualization environments provide clock sources so you don’t have¬† to rely on ntpd (which fails if the drift gets too high). So for the short note – how can you check if you are using a time … more

Managing certificate hell – the GLPI way

I’ve been a irregular user and admin of a GLPI server at work – GLPI is an open source IT asset management software that enables you to automate lots of asset management work¬†(also thanks to FusionInventory and its agents) while providing a UI that also non-Admins can work with – e.g. make your financial auditor. … more

Taking gear out off service

This is a story about good practise and “don’ts” in sysadmin work,¬† inspired by Bryan’s (@bdha) blog entry about the¬† first law of systems administration. Recently I¬† got some used gear for lab¬† – the story of this gear, a set of FC switches – remembered me of a lesson about what can go wrong … more

Experimental Hyper-V branch

Here is a experimental branch of the mainline kernel with some backported patches that will be coming from stagin-next, hid and the network area where some of the drivers Hyper-V have left staging as of December 2011. So with the release of 3.2 sooner or later, you can fetch a kernel that has: SCSI hot … more