Another Hyper-V and Linux

Update: Since this blog Post Microsoft has Released RPM-Packaged Linux IC  3.1 supporting RHEL 6/6.1 and Centos 6 – making things significantly easier and the in-Kernel Modules continued to mature. expect a another bunch of fixes in 3.2 (the merge windows for 3.1 was too short to get the hv_blkvsc dumped) Since my last (long … more

GPO version control on Windows?!

Sometimes you just need to see it another way to realize the would be a solution to your struggle: I started using computers with the age of MS-DOS and ran Windows but only knowing there was an alternative (on which I tried but then often struggled since I almost completely switched) which were Unix-like OS. … more

Hyper-V Ubuntu -> CentOS

I have preferred Debian and Ubuntu over RHEL mostly because their package collection was much wider. Thus at work I wanted to go with Ubuntu LTS as deal between Ubuntu’s bleeding-edge and a more conservative approach of package versions while Debian Sqeeeze is not yet out. Happy thought I with the arrival of Microsoft hv-Moduls … more

OpenSolaris – where to go?

I’ve not been that long with *nix OS so my interest in OpenSolaris doesn’t date much back. Mainly it came out of the combination of  the great ZFS filesystem and COMSTAR Framework (Common Multiprocol SCSI Target). I will post later once why we opted for NexentaStor at work. This is a commercially supported variant of … more