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Studying history and computer science in Bern, Switzerland, my relationship with computing started as hobbyist pc screwer learning the insides of computers by first damaging them later learning how to fix 'em. I am also working as part-time sysadmin in education. This is where I try  to spread the word of open source and free software since I believe in these values as part of a yet better more sustainable development and knowledge exchange - beyond education.

I have some old computer hardware at home, mainly some portable and mobile computers from former IBM, and like to hack with them. Outside the computer worlds I'm enjoying playing violin in with a mixed group of Tango-Lovers or just philosoping about the world. 🙂

I am present on:

I contribute or contributed to:

  • GLPI IT asset management: German and English translation
  • FusionInventory: German translations
  • pfSense: Ports, cleanups, bug reporting
  • If I'm conviced about something I use, I like to spread the word

Losely tied together I've gained experience in the areas of

  • OS'es "battle-tested" experience:
    • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL (and clones)
    • UNIX-like: illumos, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
    • Windows - yup, sometimes one has to mangle this OS too.
  • Web-, eMail-, File- and Database servers in SME environments
  • Storage design and iSCSI SANs as well as designing and implementing backup processes for SME
  • Network and Firewall design (mainly pfSense)
  • L2 wired and wireless networking

P.S. All publications not specially mentioned can be re-used under CC-BY-SA unported License - if you re-use something from here, you don't have, but I i'd be glad to hear from you.

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